Seraphim Of Pestilence & Disgust


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3-track single recorded at Hey Hey Conquistador Records. Contains 2 new original songs and a re-recording of "High Impact Deth Machine" from our self-titled EP. Our first release to have real drums since our first demo. Also our first release of songs including the 7-string guitar.


released June 27, 2013

Birdman - Guitar/Vocals/Artwork
Beastman - Guitar/Bass
Willer Killer - Drums

Eric Dalton - Engineer



all rights reserved


RÖÄRGH! Poughkeepsie, New York

Dan 'Birdman' Siegel and Rob 'Beastman' Muller were the first to be subjected to the giant evil entity that is RRRRRÖÖÖÖÖÄÄÄÄÄRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!. Since then, this giant evil force continues to pulverize and destroy all in it's path, occasionally pulling in and out unsuspecting musicians into it's dark conscience, especially since this band has re-located to the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. ... more

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Track Name: Seraphim Of Pestilence & Disgust
Weakness taking over
Dieties with a grudge
Mankind sentenced to suffer
So sayeth the ominous judge

Embodiment of pestilence
and that of disgust
Forge an empire of sickly beings
all whom turn to dust

Grotesque in appearance
Spread the plague of mass disease
In this fear of devastation
All Mortals lay on their knees

Embodiment of pestilence
and that of disgust
Forge an empire of sickly beings
all whom turn to dust
The work of God and Lucifer
combined into one
Unholy ungodly spells
emmitting from the sun

Melting Flesh Shrinking Lungs
Vomiting blood, gasping for air
Symptoms of the gods decree
With a condescending glare

Embodiment of pestilence
and that of disgust
Forge an empire of sickly beings
all whom turn to dust
Track Name: Relentless Butthurt
Hold your breath your about to enter a world of hurt caused by miniscule shit.

X marks the spot where you suck so hard with your tendencies to throw a fit.

Brace yourself in the hell you create, inside your lonely darkened hole.

Pierced from outside by the sticks of truth, your body has taken it's toll.

You're so... butthurt, butthurt, butthurt, butthurt.

Cursed with the thought that it's all about you, we fill ourselves with shadenfreude,

You can't have your way so we stay away, gripped by hate and paranoia.

Use some lube next time you try anal cause your too butthurt to exist.

Life has no meaning when your failures leave yourself forever pissed.

You're so... butthurt, butthurt, butthurt, buttHURT!!!!!
Track Name: High Impact Deth Machine (2013 Version)
My power turns on
all systems attack
mechanical limbs
make your body crack

1 million volts
1,000 tons
1 complete arsenal
of blades and guns

I press on
tearing all in my sight
scorching and grazing
from dawn until night

Your army and navy
and air force and such
with my deadly touch

Engulfing the world
for my appetite
diamond shall crumble
from my sharp bite

No rest from a
24-7 attack
I'll kick your sandman
right in his sack

Murder the pope
and his league of fools
thats how it runs
in my system of rules

I'll rape a bitch
and then leave her cut
what do I care
either way she's a slut

High Impact
Low Clef
Burning Alive
Plunging to death
Murder Machine
Barabrian mood
High Impact Deth Machine
gets you subdued