Infestation Of The Frat Rats (Single)


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Dan 'Birdman' Siegel - Vocals/Guitar
Rob 'Beastman' Muller - Guitar/Bass
Will 'er Killer' Kamerman - Drums (Tracks 1 & 2)
Jorge Hernandez - Drums (Track 3)


released February 10, 2017

Recorded at Beacon Soundworks in Beacon, NY. Guitar and Bass signals recorded by Alex Muller. Drum and Vocal recording, mixing and mastering by Mike Usifer.



all rights reserved


RÖÄRGH! Poughkeepsie, New York

Dan 'Birdman' Siegel and Rob 'Beastman' Muller were the first to be subjected to the giant evil entity that is RRRRRÖÖÖÖÖÄÄÄÄÄRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!. Since then, this giant evil force continues to pulverize and destroy all in it's path, occasionally pulling in and out unsuspecting musicians into it's dark conscience, especially since this band has re-located to the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. ... more

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Track Name: Infestation Of The Frat Rats
Incisions in your flesh
Made by tooth & claw
Proliferating savagery
Ingesting humans raw
The vermin swarm
On unsuspecting souls
Emerging from the depths
Of their putrid holes

Obstructing societies
With ignorance and plague
Clawing out your eyes
Gnawing at your leg
Inhuman ideologies
No solace to be had
Ravaging the entire world
So rabid and so mad

So rabid and so mad

Disease-ridden attacking hordes
Humans torn from their spinal chords
Shredded bodies are laid to waste
Discarded flesh for rats to taste

Devoured whole

Devoured whole

Swarm! Swarm!
Taking the world by storm
Vandalizing everywhere
Crushing every life form

Pesticidal, genocidal
Retaliation fails
Infestation of the rats
Feeding off the human entrails

Tearing the flesh and destroying the mind
No distinction from man or beast
Armageddon makes it's way
Spawning from an endless feast
Track Name: The Drill / Scrambled Brains
Scrambled Brains! Scrambled Brains!
Strengthening my fucking pains
Scrambled Brains! Scrambled Brains!
Pulling on the fucking reins
Scrambled Brains! Scrambled Brains!
Strangle me like fucking chains
Scrambled Brains! Scrambled Brains!
Fucking with my every gains

Always saying stupid shit no one cares about
No one understands you, shut your fucking mouth
Just go and fucking die
Track Name: Antonio, The Manwhore (2016 Version)
The everyday regiment
lude and immoral
faced with the decision
Old Spice or Axe

Like a juicehead
waxing his chest
and then his ass

The evening comes around
and his true colors show
his wing-men have arrived
so its time to go
craving attention
he gets his way
then you know what's next...

You sick
You suck

From 9 to 5
in the night of course
locked in a room
with an unkempt mess

T he women let loose
and bow down before him
give him what he wants
first off, undress

No sense of commitment
ridden with disease
and drunk of his ass
he's even more of a sleaze
playing young girls
like finger puppets
there is no end to this

You sick
You suck

8 hours a night
7 days a week
It never ends
His body begins to reek

Morning has broken
and what should he find?
but a new disease
so ripe and fresh

With his impure body
he's got no escape
the disease will consume
his foul flesh

No sense of commitment
ridden with disease
and drunk of his ass
he's even more of a sleaze
playing young girls
like fingerpuppets
there is no end to this

You sick
You suck